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Dave Shiflett is a writer -- former critic for Bloomberg News and a contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other publications -- and author of several books, including one with Donald Trump ("The America We Deserve"). He also writes and performs music and has released four CDs -- "Time Goes Rushing By" (Floor Creak); "Songs for Aging Cynics" (The Karma Farmers); "Afternoon Lamentations" (Dave Shiflett and Friends) and "From the First Time" (Dave Shiflett and Friends).

O Come All Ye Grousers

Season’s Greetings — and here’s my annual Christmas message. A shorter version ran in The Wall Street Journal over the weekend; this version has all the good stuff in it. Not recommended for the easily offended. O Come All Ye … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings There’s a new Johnny Cash biography out. This one is fairly exhaustive. Did you know that Johnny named his daughter Roseanne after his pet names for his first wife’s breasts (Rose and Anne)? Me either. It’s well-written and … Continue reading

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Graham Nash, Ray Davies, Donald Fagen: Older and Crankier

Life staggers on. The economy is flat, the earth is round, the leaves have fallen and Elvis is still dead. Meanwhile, lesser rock deities are still with us; some are writing memoirs revealing the glories and horrors of the musical life, … Continue reading

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Still Alive — With New Tunes

Aloha! I’ve been away for a while. Not actually away — but otherwise occupied. Just finished a new novel, which I’m now shopping to agents (if you happen to be an agent, get in touch: The long-suffering Peach and … Continue reading

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The Poor Farm Festival

Do you have to be crazy to start a music festival? I wondered that  after seeing a notice for the second annual Poor Farm Festival in Williamsburg, West Virginia. There seems to be at least three strikes against success: a … Continue reading

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New Tunes

Greetings This is Clifftop week — when old time musicians from around the world gather in West Virginia to keep that tradition alive, which involves lots of fiddles, banjos, mandolins, basses, guitars, booze and very little sleep. I’m not gonna make … Continue reading

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New Book, New Review, No Olitsky

Aieee! Who’s that ugly creep? Well, that’s me, and it it gets worse. I have a new book out and am deep into the horrors of self promotion, which is never pretty. So, a quick plug for the book, and then … Continue reading

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